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Green Launches kickStarter Campaign

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You Can Be A Part Of Green From The Gave!

Green From The Grave as with many independent films does not have the backing of major studios.  Funding comes from the pockets of the people who wnat to see their dreams come true.  My  passion for this film began a year ago in front of a computer hammering out a zombie script that I would hope would be funny, scary, yet show the characters with some passion of who they were.  Doing any kind of zombie film in the right way takes special effects and it takes props.  While we did scrape and beg for many items, a lot of the shoot still had to be paid for.  I did not have MGM, Universal, Sony Pictures or Columbia bank rolling me. I had a bit of help from a local film group I belong to, my girlfriend and Mastercard and Visa.  So welcome to KickStarter.  It's very simple.  Visit our fund raiser site and if you beleive in independent films and you love Zombies, contribute what you can.  Check out our fun levels.  Get a DVD, Get a T-Shirt, Get a film poster!  Get the cast to sign it for you!   Stop by.  Thank you in advance!



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Green From The Grave will be going on Kickstarter for our fund raiser.  Stay tuned!

Principal Photograhy almost completed!

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Just a few more scenes to go and we go into editing!.  A long 14 hour day on set doing the things we love to do. 

Great Casting Call Today and Florida Today's media division covers it!

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Florida Today's video media division visited us at our casting call and filed this report.  Click on the highlited link!

Casting Books Out In A Hurry!

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Thanks to media coverage, our casting call filled up quickly and then some.  Florida Today gives us some kudos.

Green From The Grave Makes WKMG Channel 6, Orlando

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As interest in Green continues to mount, WKMG listed our casting call in their "Click Orlando" web site today.  While we sadly had to shut down the casting call due to a overwhelming amount of people wanting to auditon verses our time we have with the facility we are using, we hope people will understand and if we do the sequel, will come back again.  Here is the link. Click Orlando

Green From The Grave Makes Florida Today

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The preproduction casting call for Green From The Grave is big news in Melboune as our casting call gets some great press!

We thank the Space Coast Film Commission and Bonnie King for all of her assitance with our film production

Florida Today Story

The Preproduction

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Green From The Grave has been over a year in development and now it is rapidly becoming a reality.  Green has been the brainchild of Roy Lewis Garton, President of Spacecoast Film & Talent Group.  Roy through his production arm, Floridadude Marketing Concepts  has co-produced this film.  All independent films vary in financial backing and doing a Zombie film, well Roy had to choose the expensive way.  Thus the year long time it took to get it off the ground.  While some may find Zombie films easy to do with cheap or crude makeup and props, Green will be using authentic Hollywood style makeup from master Shiva Rodriguez and her crew and the props include authentic law enforcement cars and wardrobe, a top notch camera crew and post production. 

Roy Lewis Garton is a seasoned actor since childhood and while serving as director and producer, he also will co-star as the Sheriff.  Casting is taking place in April 2014 with shooting to begin in May. Green will not only feature Zombies but a fast paced action storyline.  To offeset the costs of Green, a Indiegogo site has been established to help defray Mr. Garton's personal investment to see his dream come true.  If you love Zombie films and you have a special passion for indie filmmakers, you are encouraged to donate what you can to the sucess of this film.  If you hurry, you can even get in on the film as a walk-on zombie!  See the details on how you can. Look for Green From The Grave's release in the late summer early Fall of 2014.