The Cast For Green From The Grave The Cast For Green From The Grave Brett Leigh Brett Plays Deputy Brown. The uniform cries Miami but his demeanor and small town upbringing says Mayberry. 191845399 Carl Graddy Carl Plays The Security Guard who nobody gets by. 191845400 Dean Phillipi Dean Plays Dr. Wright who should of retired last year and can't remember where he put his pen 2 minutes ago or his notebook. 191845402 Kilsa Baldera Kilsa Plays The Girlfriend who should of paid more attention to her surroundings than getting that last kiss in. 191845403 Lawerence Mazza Larry Plays The boyfriend who picked the wrong night to go on a date. 191845404 Melinda McDonner Melinda Plays The curious wife who puts new meaning in "curiosity killed the cat!" 191845405 Richard Lally Rich Plays Frank the hard working quiet guy who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. 191845407 John Edward Charles Hass V plays John, the only man with enough courage to get the job done. 192330354 Bill Nick Toomy plays Bill, the carefree security officer that has more interest in clock watching and Friday nights than his job. 192330355 Roy Lewis Garton as Sheriff Roy not only directs, but Co-Stars as Sheriff Lewis. A humble but typical Southern Sheriff who does not like the relationship of the Government Lab in his back yard but tolerates their presence. 195585980